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  • Book-Keeping for all types of assesses
  • Preparing Financial Statements for all asssessees (Corporate & Non-Corporate)
  • Business Plan/Cost Modules
  • Budgeting/Projected Report
  • Cash Flow & Fund Flow
  • Process Costing
  • Mis Report
  • Variance Analysis
  • Implementing Internal Control System
  • Setup of Accounts & Finance
  • Providing Accounting Software/ Developing ERP

Our professional team have extensive knowledge in different fields such as Book-keeping, preparation & presentation of Financial Statements, Cash Flow, Funds Flow, Business Modules, Cost Modules, Budgeting, MIS report, Variance Analysis, generating different Financial Reports, etc. Our team understand the day-to-day problems facing by the entrepreneur and taking the responsibility to resolve the same at top priority.

We understand the nature of the business transactions of the client`s business in details before deliver to our team to make entry/generate financial report. We spent time with our client`s to understand their problems and advise them how to take the control of finance and accounts as well as the whole business.

We are doing transfer of data through digital mode and use less paper, which helps our client to control cost and maximise profit. Our clients need minimum man power to deliver the information which leads to enable the business in less occupancy of space, man power, fuel & power, stationery, staff welfare, travelling, data storage, IT expenses, etc which helps in better control of cost and business and maximise the cash flow and profit of the business.

We are preparing business Modules and Cost Modules for any kind of business irrespective of their nature and size which helps to the management of the organisation to better control over the business and have a good track to run their business to achieve their goals. We are also preparing budget, Process Costing, MIS report, Variance Analysing, Cash Flow and Fund Flow which helps to the management of the organisation to better control over the business and have a good position in cash liquidity and maximise the profit. You can know the standards you set and the actual you achieved for a certain period when you require.

We are fixing up an Internal Control System in the organisation, setting up accounts & finance department for the smooth running of the organisation which helps to the managerial person to live hassle free life.

We are developing ERP System to generate and deliver information and reports as required by the organisation.

Why our team is special in these fields ?

There are certain special skills we have, which are :

Bookkeeping and General Accounting Principles

Analytical Skills

Time Management System

Deal with Complex Processes

Problem-Solving Skills

Excellent Data Entry and Record-Keeping Skills

Attentive to Details and Thorough

Organizational Skills

Good Communication Skills

Honest and Able to Work with Discretion

Very Co-Operative and Deal with smile

Careful & Sincere

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