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  • Setup of HR Department
  • Recruitment Service
  • Payroll Service
  • Registration of EPF
  • Registration of ESI
  • Payment of EPF
  • Preparing & Filing of EPF Return
  • Payment of ESI
  • Preparing & Filing of ESI Return

Our professional team have extensive knowledge in the fields of Human Resources Management. We are providing services for Recruitment of man power, Payroll, Registration of EPF, preparing and filing of EPF Return, Registration of ESI, preparing and filing of ESI Return, Payment of EPF & ESI, etc. We are doing all these compliances in digital platform to reduce time and cost of our clients. We are doing compliance on time; therefore, there is no chances of paying penalty and interest and our clients are living hassle free life.

Why our team is special in these fields ?

There are certain special skills we have, which are :

Good Knowledge on EPF & ESI Compliance

Digital Platform to file Return and Other Forms.

Time Management System

Deal with Complex Processes

Moto is to Resolve Problems

Planning in well advance

End to End Solutions

Organizational Skills

Good Communication Skills

Maintaining, Handling and Keeping Data and Records carefully

Very Co-Operative and Deal with smile

Careful & Sincere

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